Our Mission

The Oklahoma Health and Recovery Network serves as a leading advocate for Oklahomans affected by behavioral health disorders, giving hope and help to communities, families and agencies. OHRN is a 501(c)(3) organization.

We empower our members to: help change lives, impact communities and offer individuals and families freedom from the devastation of Substance Abuse.

“Oklahoma Health and Recovery Network (OHRN) recently changed its name to the Oklahoma Health and Recovery Network to encompass not only substance abuse services, but advocacy of overall health and recovery within our state”.

OHRN Strategic Goals

1. Develop financial strategies for sustainability of treatment and prevention providers.
2. Increase knowledge and awareness statewide of addiction as a disease.
3. Sustain and increase OSASA membership.
4. Develop strong collaborations and relationships with key stakeholders and policy makers.
5. Develop and maintain a quality workforce.

It’s up to US to help Oklahomans understand

Addiction has biological, brain-chemistry elements and it can run in families. Addiction is preventable and treatable, but many people do not understand this.

We must join together to focus attention in support of addiction treatment, prevention, and research. The public needs to understand addiction is a treatable illness and millions of people achieve recovery.

Oklahoma Substance Abuse Services Alliance, also known as OSASA, was founded in 1998. OSASA is an alliance comprised of substance abuse treatment agencies, prevention agencies, and private citizens. OSASA strives to create a statewide network of agencies and individuals advocating for increasing public awareness, effective public policy, and public funding for substance abuse treatment and prevention.

Substance Abuse is Oklahoma’s #1 health problem, affecting virtually every area of our society, and consuming nearly one of every eight dollars through direct costs and lost productivity. Substance Abuse hurts every man, woman and child in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Academy for State Goals recently estimated the cost of substance abuse to the state at $6.8 billion annually. These costs, high as they are, are likely to be underestimated by 10-15%.

OHRN partners with OSASA, a 501(c)(6) organization for its legislative and non-exempt activities.